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Food Forethought aims to empower individuals and families to create healthy lifestyles through improved nutrition and a healthy attitude towards physical activity.

Food should be enjoyed! Food Forethought aims to empower everyone to be healthy and achieve a healthy weight whilst still enjoying the foods they love. We encourage the creation of healthy eating habits through dietary knowledge and eating with awareness. We assist individuals and families with practical advice for improving their health!

Look better, feel better, improve your energy levels and reduce your risk of lifestyle diseases are just a few of the many benefits of improved nutrition for you and your family! We challenge everyone to Create Healthy Habits! Take the challenge and choose a healthy program to begin your journey today!

And for the kids...Fun Cooking Classes - Stir 'n' Shake (for children aged 3 - 7) and Stir 'n' Serve (aged 8 - 12) and
Children's Cooking Birthday Parties (where you can make the birthday cake!). Held in Ormond or at your home!

Recipes of the Month

Colour your bolognaise sauce!

Footy inspired recipes:

- Pies (using leftovers)
- Saints Pizza Snacks
- Cats snack

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Client Success

"Now I eat red and green capsicum" said a 3 year old Stir 'n' Shake participant proudly to her father as she enjoyed trying new foods. Find out more about our kids cooking classes.



Food Thought

When was the last time you tried something new?

Variety is the spice of life and the secret to healthy eating so...

Eat your Colours!

I am constantly challenged by my own kids (and husband!) and in cooking classes to come up with new ways to increase variety and food acceptance. I recently realised that it is not just kids that need to be inspired to increase variety so:

1. Understand the purpose
2. Eat more colours
3. Be adventurous!

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